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# 1907

Rarefied Air

30" x 30" x 1.3" | Oil | $2,250.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Home Studio

My goal is to create gestural paintings of nature with bold colors in an abstract style. I hope to engage you by allowing you to feel the pull of nature while also feeling a part of the creative process. Using primarily oil paint, I work intuitively – approaching the canvas without a preconceived plan. I apply drips and splashes of paint along with brush strokes and palette knife work that leads to thickly applied and thinly scraped areas. These techniques provide textural components that give the artwork an additional element of interest when viewed from a close perspective. My paintings are influenced by abstract expressionist painters of the mid-20th century, primarily Joan Mitchell who painted nature in a very loose and gestural style. The gestural marks that she left on the canvas allow us, the viewers, to feel that we are there in the moment when she is creating. My creative process is also laid bare on the canvas and I hope that you, seeing the artwork personally, will feel a part of the work’s creation.



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