I am a San Francisco Bay Area native who has been painting for more than 15 years and exhibiting in art shows, galleries and museums for much of that time.  I relocated to Florida in 2009 where my passion to paint has grown.  I paint in oil as it is perfectly suited to my personality and painting style.  As you can tell by my art, color is of primary importance and therefore, oil paint is the only medium that I use.  It has a unique luster and vibrancy that cannot be created using any other medium.  Also, because oil paint dries slowly, the painting can be worked freely using gestural strokes, scrapes and thickly applied (impastoed) areas.  This works particularly well for me as I approach each new canvas with no preconceived plan.  I choose a color palette and begin by quickly blocking in color fields. I then finish with thick paint applied by brush and palette knife.  This makes each work completely fresh and completely unique.

I am drawn to abstraction as it requires much of the artist and the viewer –including the ability to imagine.  My hope is that you will experience my artwork on many levels: responsiveness to the vibrant color and contrast, consideration of the subject, and close inspection of the layering and texture.  Whether from across the room or close-up, I want you to be always able to find something fresh, new and interesting.

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